1. Goat Milk!

    Fresh goat milk is distinctly delicious and drinking it one somehow feels instantly revived.   (Maybe because it’s really for the goat kids, and we know so well how they vigorously wag their tails when they drink their mama’s milk.) Not only do we get to enjoy the milk but the milking goats give us a wonderful opportunity to learn about milk and how to milk.

    Most recently we had two milking goats, Modoch and Gypsy, but sadly, both died this fall.  Modoch was well-built, mild mannered and patient.  She got used to lots of new people tugging at her to learn how to milk, yet she never put up a fuss, and for all that she gave we are very thankful.  Gypsy was adorable, curious, and a good mama, we’ll miss her.

    This winter we’re breeding Gypsy’s daughter Marion in hopes that she will be our new milking goat.