1. The Lunch Bowls of Calypso

    Lunch time at Calypso is a very special time when we all stop whatever we are doing, wherever we are on the farm, and gather together for a meal.  Those who like to cook get the opportunity to make lunch for everyone—sometimes 20-25 people!  When the weather is nice we eat on the porch, when the weather is not so nice, we eat in the Kitchen.  We each bring a bowl and a spoon and feast.  The food is vegetarian, organic, seasonal, fresh from the fields, hearty and so so delicious!!

    (Thank you to Claudia for taking such thorough, fantastic pictures of MOST of the food we ate throughout the 2013 season!  Claudia kept up a gorgeous, informative weekly blog you can view here: http://cheechakoclaudia.wordpress.com/ )

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